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Being a Web Developer Advantages and Professional Opportunities

Postano: čet ruj 22, 2022 7:55 am
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The profession of Web Developer is being talked about more and more. We hear about the profession in the news, we hear about it in schools, we hear about it in the media. And there are excellent reasons for this. Portugal is a very strong country in small and medium-sized companies that often work on the Start-Up modality and that are focusing on digital modalities and new technologies. Factors such as low living costs compared to other European countries, the existence of qualified professionals, tax incentives and even the presence of events such as the Web Summit, made Portugal a Hub for these new companies. There have never been so many companies, national and international, opening in Portugal in the field of new technologies! This is great news for the Web Developer.

The demand for qualified professionals continues to grow! But what does the Web Developer do? The Web Developer works with code. Its objective is to develop and maintain digital products such as websites and applications that respond to user needs effectively and in order to create the best experience. Web Developer combines the technical aspects of digital Whatsapp Number List products with the aesthetic aspects. There are Web Developers who create and work on front-end projects with markup and programming languages ​​like HTML, CSS and Javascript and there are web developers who work on the backend with languages ​​like PHP and MySQL system. GET MORE INFORMATION FREE OF CHARGE Front-end Developer and Back-end Developer – Which one to choose? In general, the web developer works in a team with other developers and usually decides to specialize in front-end or back-end projects.


The front-end developer works on the visible part of the projects. When we open a Web Site we are seeing your work. It is the front-end developer who decides the aesthetics of each page, where each element will fit and how these elements interact with each other. It works with markup languages ​​– HTML and CSS; and programming languages ​​like Javascript. The front-end developer must have digital knowledge and must know how to combine it with design knowledge. The back-end developer works on the non-visible aspects of the projects. It is he who makes sure that a Web Site works as it is supposed to, that we are directed to the right place when we click on different elements of the pages, etc… The back-end developer makes sure that the applications work as we expect, creating the best experience.