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E Commerce Understand Why Your Company Needs To Go Digital

Postano: ned ruj 25, 2022 7:06 am
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To stay informed magazines and newspapers You would have to go to a physical store to buy it With Smartphones all these functions were accumulated in a single gadget. Making life easier for a lot of people, but it made us much more dependent on cell phones. blog loads You don't go anywhere if you don't have wireless, your friends fight with you when on a date your attention doesn't leave your cell phone and all your gastronomic and travel experiences are recorded on Instagram. The reader may not even realize it, but he is already a 3.0 user and it is very different from what we were 10 years ago. Previously, activities such as entertainment, communication and computing were assigned to certain devices.

To watch programs you should turn on the TV To make calls the phone For computing activities that were super complicated? the computer. To stay informed, magazines or newspapers To buy it, you would have to go to a physical store. With smartphones Estonia Phone Number all these functions have been accumulated in a single gadget. Which made life easier for many people, but made us much more dependent on cell phones. Definitely, life has migrated to the digital environment. Those who are attuned to the market, followed their customers and set up an e-commerce site , including traditionally physical companies.


Others have already started their online life and do not intend to change medium The numbers do not lie and show how much Brazilian consumers have shown themselves to be open to these innovations: according to E-bit (a company that evaluates the satisfaction of consumers in the online area ), from 2008 to 2012, the volume of sales on Brazilian websites jumped from For 2013, the expectation is that the billing will more than double, reaching billion. One of the reasons for this increase is the growth of homes with internet access. According to recent data released by about 44.85% of Brazilians are online and, for companies that want to grow, there is nothing better than interacting with this audience. However, to have a digital commerce , the strategies you already know as an offline entrepreneur will not be applied.