10 tips for innovating in store shoe packaging!

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10 tips for innovating in store shoe packaging!

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Just as important as the quality of a product is the shopping experience that the store provides to its customers. In a competitive market, every detail can make a difference when making a decision, such as the shoe packaging that is offered .

The purchase of a product is made up of several moments, one of the elements that make it up is the packaging, known in the digital world as the unboxing experience .

With countless possibilities to innovate and surprise , it is another opportunity to put creativity into practice, breaking away from conventionality and delighting the customer.

Continue reading to check out 10 tips we've put together whatsapp data to help your store innovate in packaging for shoes , flats and other footwear!

Bet on sustainable materials
Most people only need packaging for the journey between the store and their homes, and do not need items with great resistance or durability, such as plastic bags.

Person holding recyclable paper gift packaging.
Packaging produced with recycled materials causes less damage to the environment.
Sustainable materials, for the most part, consume less of the planet's resources to be produced, in addition to posing fewer risks to the environment when discarded. Using paper containers, biodegradable or fabric bags are ways of applying the concept of sustainability to footwear packaging.

Another interesting idea for creating a more ecological store is to encourage consumers to bring their bags, offering a simple gift or a discount on the final purchase price when this happens.

For retailers who invest in virtual stores or online sales through the marketplace , this is a good unboxing tip . Many brands send packages with reused materials or biodegradable plastic, and make this choice clear with a message like “this packaging is reused!”.

This way, you generate an environmental impact, position yourself as a business with a sustainable conscience and also motivate your customers to share the idea.


Insert gifts to add value
The contents of the shoe packaging delivered to the customer may go beyond the product that was purchased. The store can take the opportunity to include gifts and create a different experience .

Banner for the e-book with 7 ideas for sales actions in shoe stores.
Items offered may vary depending on the product. Simple objects, such as shoe brand stickers, already add value to the customer. For children's stores, a candy or toy may be enough for the consumer to remember you and your service in the future.

There are no limitations to what the store can offer. For more expensive shoes or shoes made of noble materials , it is possible to add a cleaning product or a transport bag to the packaging.

Invest in packaging that can be reused
Packaging that can be reused creates another meaning for customers. The fabric bags themselves, also called ecobags , can be used for other everyday purchases.

Reusable cloth bag (ecobag).
Reusable bags add value to shoe packaging and enhance the customer experience.
In this case, the strategy of encouraging the customer to return to the store with this packaging in the future can again be applied, through discounts or a loyalty club , in which each purchase made using the ecobag guarantees a stamp. After 10 stamps, for example, he wins a product up to a certain value.

For those who sell on the internet , the tip is to insert a note with the product encouraging the customer not to throw the shoe box in the trash, but rather to think of a new use for it.