Footwear export: understand the requirements

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Footwear export: understand the requirements

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Some consolidated brands in the footwear sector find markets outside Brazil, with the opportunity to sell abroad . The expansion of business in foreign countries brings positive impacts to the company, which gains scalability and diversifies its audience.

To sell in foreign countries, there are some requirements, so that operations occur safely between the two parties (exporter and importer).

The footwear export process requires a series of precautions, including specific records and documents. In this post, we answer some questions about the requirements involved in carrying out this operation. Check out!

Required Records
Before starting to provide all the whatsapp database documents, it is important to highlight that a shoe manufacturing company needs to analyze the foreign market and find an importer and a distributor .

Just like in Brazil, shoe fairs also take place abroad. They are suitable places to find foreign buyers, as well as companies interested in distributing the products . If the company wants to expand and establish a branch in another country, the procedure is slightly different (and will not be covered in this post).

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The first step for a company that intends to export footwear is registration in the Registration and Tracking of the Performance of Customs Intervenors (RADAR) , which will allow access and also registration in the Integrated Foreign Trade System (SISCOMEX) .


There are three categories of RADAR, which vary according to the limits of the amounts to be transacted:

To carry out this registration, a series of company documents are required. A complete list can be found on the Abicalçados website , along with a detailed step-by-step guide on exporting shoes.

Export documents
After completing the records that enable the international sales operation and after confirming the closing of a deal, it is necessary to follow a series of steps, which involve different documents to validate these transactions.

Documents required for footwear export.
Export documents will ensure that both parties – exporter and importer – are protected in the transaction.
The Proforma Invoice is the most common contract model in footwear exports and is the first that the exporter forwards to the importer, formalizing and confirming the negotiation.